Find Me by Jenna Hollenstein
(Summary taken from an email the author sent me) “Originally published in Italian as Cercami, Find Me contains lively poems on the left-hand side of each page and colorful illustrations on the right. As you turn each page, the poems are read aloud by a narrator, which allows children to listen or to read along. The poems provide clues as to how to interact with the illustrations on the right. Whether it’s ferreting out a crocodile hidden among pairs of scissors, or charming a friendly snake out of his basket, children with love interacting with Find Me.”
This is the first book I have read on an ipad, bought from itunes. I am quite familiar with itunes for music, but I did not know they had books. That is, until Ms. Hollenstein contacted me. This is so much fun! It is a cute concept and the fact that it is on an ipad/pod makes the kids automatically think it’s fun. I love that it is poetry. Poetry seems to be something that children are not as familiar with these days, and to make it available in this format is a great idea. The poetry is written well and the illustrations are very cute. I love the pages where the animals move or the objects are animated. Most of the pictures are easy to find, but a couple of them took a second look before I found them. I had hoped that a few more objects on each page would also be animated, but they weren’t. That’s ok. There is at least something on each page. This is something kids could do instead of a game, that would be entertaining and educational. I’m not sure how much they’ll enjoy it the second, third, fourth time, etc., once they know where everything is, but I think they’ll still like it. I watched a few of them a couple of times because they were so cute. I love the concept of this book and think it is really well done. Yay for creativity, imagination, and uniqueness!

Rating: G (Clean!)

Recommendation: Great for everyone!

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