A Beautiful Disguise: The Imposters (Book #1) by Roseanna M. White

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Book Review of A Beautiful Disguise: The Imposters (Book #1) by Roseanna M. White

I, myself, have never been to the circus. Sad, huh? I haven’t had the chance to see the trapeze artists flying through the air or to see people jump through hoops of fire. Do circuses still exist? The closest I’ve come to hearing the roar of a lion is seeing a lion at the zoo. They seem like amazing creatures, for sure! There are some people in my neighborhood that have peacocks wandering around their house, so I have heard and seen them. They’re beautiful and noisy. Why do I bring up the circus and random animals? Well, you’ll need to read A Beautiful Disguise: The Imposters (Book #1) by Roseanna M. White to find out!


In Edwardian London, not all that glitters is gold as a lady and an intelligence officer’s secret mission take them from the city’s dazzling ballrooms to its covert intelligence offices.

Sir Merritt Livingstone has spent a decade serving the monarch in the field, but when pneumonia lands him behind a desk in the War Office Intelligence Division just as they’re creating a new secret intelligence branch, he’s intent on showing his worth. He suspects an aristocrat of leaking information to Germany as tensions mount between the two countries, but he needs someone to help him prove it, so he turns to The Imposters, Ltd. No one knows who they are, but their results are beyond compare.

Left with an estate on the brink of bankruptcy after their father’s death, Lady Marigold Fairfax and her brother open a private investigation firm for the elite to spy on the elite. Dubbed The Imposters, Ltd., their anonymous group soon becomes the go-to for the crème of society who want answers delivered surreptitiously. But the many secrets Marigold learns about her peers pale in comparison to her shock when she and her brother are hired to investigate her best friend’s father as a potential traitor.

Lady Marigold is determined to discover the truth for her friend’s sake, and she’s more determined still to keep her heart from getting involved with this enigmatic new client . . . who can’t possibly be as noble as he seems.

My Book Review:

What a fun story! I can’t think of another book I’ve read that includes trapeze artists! Lions, peacocks, leopards, and monkeys take centerstage in this action-packed book! Besides all that excitement, you have mystery, deceit, romance, murder, spies, acrobatics, hidden rooms, high fashion, and traitors…just to name a few. Wow, right?!?! All in a package with beautiful cover art that thoroughly disguises the action packed into this novel.

A Beautiful Disguise is well written. I love the descriptions of the scenery and the fashion. I’m not a fashionista myself, but I enjoy reading about those who are! I loved reading about all Lady M’s fancy hats and bold dresses. The descriptions and explanations of the trapeze routines allowed me to watch them play out wonderfully in my imagination. I also enjoyed reading the descriptions of the animals and the grounds of Fairfax Tower.

The characters make this story even better! Marigold and Yates seem like the best of siblings. They work well together, and they have such an endearing relationship. Merritt and Xavier seem like great guys, and it was a pleasure getting to know them. I also enjoyed meeting Drina, Franco, Zelda, and the gang. There are a lot of characters in this book, and I did get confused several times, trying to remember who each of them was and the parts they each played. I loved that there is a huge range of different personalities and unique traits. This is not your typical cast of characters!

I loved the mystery this book is shrouded in. It seems there is mystery on several fronts, and it was so fun to try and figure it all out. I didn’t, as usual. I don’t usually try to figure out plot lines, I just enjoy the ride. My daughter, though, I bet she’d have it figured out! She’s amazing at that. I just enjoy the story and let it take me where it will. This book takes you on quite the ride!

A Beautiful Disguise is very entertaining! I have no idea if the early 1900’s included the automobiles and technology that this book includes, but it sure is fun! A lot of romances stick to the Victorian era, but this book takes place in Edwardian London, so it adds a fun and unique twist. It may even include some politics of the time. I found it interesting to read and learn about.

This book is very unique, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was entertaining, full of excitement, action, romance, and all the good stuff. I recommend it, and I’m excited for the next book! For more about Lady M’s fashion and a peak inside her famous handbag, check out roseannamwhite.com/imposters.

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PG-13 Rating

Content Rating: PG-13

  • Profanity: None
  • Intimacy: None (Brief kissing)
  • Violence: Moderate (There are a few murders and a shoot-out.)

Age Recommendation: YA+


My Rating: 4/5

4 Star Review





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