A Child of God by Chantel and Mauli Bonner

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Book Review of A Child of God by Chantel and Mauli Bonner

A Child of God by Chantel and Mauli Bonner has the perfect message for this beautiful Sunday. It’s the start of a new week in a brand-new year, and this book has a great message to begin this year! We are all children of God. No matter what we look like, what language we speak, where we live, or what our name is. We are children of God. It’s such a powerful message.


“This rhyming, read-aloud book with warm illustrations shares a comforting, faith-filled message from a Black father and mother to their children. Along with the children in the story, your own little ones will think about the ways our skin color, gender, and physical features are all different, as well as the things that bind us all together.
In soothing verse, the father assures his children that everyone can look like Jesus and the angels by the things they do. As the family walks through their neighborhood, the father points out the beauty in God’s creations, from flowers, all unique and different, to all the children in their community. This book will start conversations in your family about appreciating the beautiful differences among all of God’s children, helping your children become better disciples of Christ.”

My Book Review:

Morgan Bissant beautifully illustrated A Child of God. I love the big, bright eyes and the uniqueness of each person. The message that we can all look like Jesus by the things we do is so powerful, yet so intimate. I love the comparison to the flowers in a garden. Each flower is different. Each flower is beautiful in its own way. They do not look alike, yet they are all flowers. We are all children of God. We don’t look alike, speak the same, have the same talents or dreams, but we are all children of God and are all important in His eyes.

When we realize that we are a child of God we treat each other differently. We show more kindness, more love, and less judgment. We are quicker to forgive and more likely to help. We assume the best instead of the worst. We lend a helping hand and a smile. Can you think of anything more needed in the world today? I absolutely love this book and the message it shares. It’s the perfect bedtime story, book to go in the church bag, or story for any time. It’s always important to remember that you are a child of God.


Content Rating GContent Rating: G (It’s clean!)

Age Recommendation: Everyone

My Rating: 4.5/5

4.5 Star Rating

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