All Hallows Eve: The Story of the Halloween Fairy

I’m starting Halloween Week with a girlie Halloween story. There’s nothing scary about this book, but the princesses and fairies will love it!
All Hallows Eve: The Story of the Halloween Fairy by Lisa Sferlazza Johnson
Hailing from All Hallows Pumpkin Patch, the young fairy Eve loves candy, but can only make toys. Desperate to conjure her heart’s true desire, Eve practices and practices and is sure she will be successful on her birthday, October 31st! But when the day comes, even Eve’s finest attempts just yield toys shaped like candy. As her frustration grows, her party guests think up a wonderful way to save the day and create an annual celebration to share! Welcome to this enchanted fairy glen where Halloween’s origins and customs are presented in a way that will satisfy and delight readers of all ages! Beautiful illustrations and a lyrical story help Eve sprinkle her fairy dust as she exchanges her toys for collected candy to create the happiest, healthiest Halloween for us all!”
My Review:
What a cute story! My six-year-old daughter checked this out at the school library, and I think it is just adorable! A lot of the Halloween books are scarier and geared more toward boys, but this one is all for the girls! I love the illustrations and the cute curly font. This story explains how Halloween began, and it’s a great message of sharing, caring, and friendship. It’s creative and fanciful, well written, in lyrical form, and has a great message; what more could you ask for? I highly recommend this book for all the Halloween princesses, fairies, and girlies.
Rating: G (Clean!)
Recommendation: Everyone!

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