Believe (Movie)
(This movie summary is taken from an email the publicist sent me.) “In the early 80’s the legendary Manchester United football manager Sir Matt Busby helps a wayward boy fulfill his dream.
Having lived with football all his life and survived the tragic 1958 Munich plane disaster in which 8 of his promising young players were killed, Matt, still haunted by the ghosts of the “Busby Babes” comes out of retirement for one last coaching challenge, to transform a young group of scallywags into a dream team to compete for the upcoming Manchester United Football League Cup.
A funny and touching family film, Believe tells the story of how Matt is finally healed, while continuing to inspire generations of dreamers and leaving the world’s greatest football team as his legacy.”
I know what you’re thinking……a movie??? Yep! I do occasionally pull my head out of my books. This time it was because I was invited by Deseret Book to attend a media screening for this upcoming movie “Believe.” Well, it’s a soccer movie, and I feel like I live on the soccer fields with my kids these days, so I thought it might be fun. I grabbed my amazing sis (Yes, amazing. She got all the talent. Here’s her site, you should check it out: to come with me, and guess what? It was the two of us and two other guys in the whole theater. Hahaha….it was as if they played it just for us. 
There are a lot of inspirational sports films out there. My husband and I just went and saw this football one a couple of weeks ago. They’re all very similar, right? You have the underdog and then you have the bullies. You have either an old famous coach or a brand new coach. You have some sports. You have some drama. And then you have success. Well, the only thing different about this movie is that it involves children’s sports. I thought it was cute. I liked the coach’s character, and thought he did a good job. He was into it, but it wasn’t over done. He was believable. I also liked Georgie’s character. He is a really cute kid, and I thought he did well in this movie. He was realistic and not too cheesy or unbelievable. He was likable even though he did some not very likable things. Coming from a mom’s perspective, I thought the mother in this film did a good job. I think I would have reacted in the same way that she did. I liked that the education part of it was so important. I liked the relationship between coach and players. There was some humor and some drama, some cheese and some inspiration, and overall I liked it. It’s predictable, and yet still enjoyable. I liked it, but I think my 12 year-old soccer player would love it. I am going to suggest to his coach that the team go see it together, because it has a good message of believing in yourself and dreaming big, then working hard to accomplish your goals. 
The film takes place in England, and there are some times where I thought the British accents were difficult to understand. Also, I thought that there were some things that could have been explained or developed more, but overall I enjoyed it. It’s clean so it’s kid-friendly, which is fabulous. It would make a great team building activity for all those soccer teams out there. 
Rating: PG
Recommendation: I’d say 6 and up. The six-year-olds might be a little bored, and may not understand everything, but I think they’d at least sit through it. 
Disclosure: I did receive a free ticket to go see this movie in exchange for my honest review.
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