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Emma by Jane Austen



Jane Austen


“Pretty, rich Emma Woodhouse loves to meddle and is sure she knows best when it comes to love. So why not play cupid and bring couples together? But Emma sometimes interferes too much in her friends’ lives. And none of the men Emma knows meet her own high standards for a husband. Will her good intentions ruin other people’s chance for love? Is there a man who can truly understand Emma and win her heart?”

My Review:

I love Jane Austen! I love the language, the flow, the characters, and the stories. I get sucked into the time period and find myself living in a world very different from our own. This book is no different. I read it when I was in junior high, so it has been awhile. It did take a few pages to get back into the language, but then I really enjoyed it. Emma drove me crazy because she always had her nose in someone else’s business, but she was adorable at the same time. Her father seemed old and cranky, but she loved him and took good care of him. The characters are so fun. I could just picture the neighborhood and each individual personality living there. I thought a lot about what they do with all their time. They don’t speak a whole lot about work, and yet they can afford big estates and servants. What did they do for work? What did they do with all their time? Sometimes I wish we could go back to a more quiet time like that. No tv or video games, no texting or soccer/dance/basketball/piano lessons. Just living and enjoying the moment. That would be nice. Then again, maybe not. I love most of our modern day conveniences. The story is somewhat slow moving, but that is what I like about Jane Austen books. I love that I can read and get caught up in her world.

The reason I read this particular edition of Emma was to showcase the new artwork on the cover. I really like it, and think it embodies the time period well. It is published by Splinter New York, and illustrated by Sara Singh.

Rating: PG (Only brief kissing and flirting)

Recommendation: 13 and up (I think I read it about age 13, and I loved it.)

Disclosure: I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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First published: 2/25/13, Updated: 12/15/17

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