Bunny Cakes

Bunny Cakes by Rosemary Wells
It’s Grandma’s birthday, and Max’s sister Ruby says they are going to make Grandma an angel surprise cake with raspberry-fluff icing. But Max has a better idea: an earthworm birthday cake topped with Red-Hot Marshmallow Squirters. Now if only he can figure out a way to add Squirters to Ruby’s shopping list…Brimming with color and fun, Bunny Cakes is a wonderfully satisfying story young readers will want to indulge in again and again.
My Review:
We love Max and Ruby at this house! I admit, Ruby can be a bit bossy sometimes, but, she kind of reminds me of me. I have hopefully grown out of my bossy stage, but I may have been a little like that when I was little. I know, hard to believe, right?? I was first introduced to this book by the Read For The Record 2014 day, October 21, 2014. I worked with our school’s reading specialist to help our whole school read it. 
This is a fun book. I like the colorful illustrations, Max’s persistence is, as usual, annoying to Ruby, and I love that he was able to find a way to make his cake at the end. My girls (6 and 9) enjoyed it. I like that Max shows determination in writing and getting his point across. It’s just a fun picture book, and there may be some cooking instruction as well!
Rating: G (Clean!)
Recommendation: Everyone

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