Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter

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Book Review of Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter: Children's Edition by Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler

Stores start stocking those yummy mini Cadbury eggs in February! Consequently, it’s easy to get caught up in the commercial aspects of Easter. It’s easy to forget the real reason we celebrate Easter. Celebrating A Christ-Centered Easter: Children’s Edition by Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler can help your family remember.  


“Discover how the people around Jesus during the week of His Crucifixion and Resurrection can lead your family closer to Christ this Easter season. This children’s edition of Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter will guide you through seven meaningful traditions inspired by the people closest to the Savior during His holy week.

These simple experiences are not meant to add chores or stress to a reverent holiday season but to offer something different. They will give your family an opportunity to slow down from the candy and egg hunts and instead spend time reflecting on the Savior’s ultimate sacrifice and triumphant Resurrection.

This interactive book invites children to get to know various people in Christ’s life during those sacred days and to discover the lessons they learned in their encounters with Him. It encourages children to ask what they might have done if they had been there on the days when Jesus was crucified and resurrected.

Seven colorful Easter ornaments have been created to accompany the lesson each person teaches. Displaying the ornaments throughout the Easter holiday will remind your children of the lessons they are learning from Christ’s magnificent act. Download the ornaments at christcenteredcelebrations.com.”


My Review:

You know me; I love children’s books, especially holiday books. We have several Easter books, and even though my children are getting older, they still enjoy reading them. This book will be a fabulous addition to our Easter collection. You start reading it on the Sunday before Easter, and you read one section a day. On each day you read the scriptural account, you learn about a person, and you do a very small activity. There are ornaments to go with each day that you may download from the website to help remind you. I like that it takes the focus off the Easter Bunny and all the candy, and puts it back on the Savior. The illustrations are beautiful. I like this book a lot, and am excited to read it with my children this week.

Content Rating GRating: G (Clean!)

Age Recommendation: Toddlers and up

Rating: 4.5/5

4.5 Star Rating

To purchase this book click here: https://amzn.to/2DYgKQk

Disclosure: I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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