Champion’s Quest: The Die of Destiny by Frank L. Cole

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Book Review of Champion's Quest: The Die of Destiny by Frank L. Cole

Adventure books have always been one of my favorites to read. Throw in some fantasy, and it’s bound to be great. Do you remember the make-your-own-adventure stories where you would pick what you wanted to happen, and the story would change? Oh yes, I LOVED those books! There is something about an adventure and a hero who overcomes great obstacles to save the world (or the princess) that makes you feel like you could do it too. If you like these stories, Champion’s Quest: The Die of Destiny by Frank L. Cole is a story for you! Keep reading to find out more.


Opportunity will always be within reach for those clever enough to claim it.

Lucas Silver’s life is about to change. He thinks it’s because he’s made plans to escape from his foster home and make his way to New York, but then he and some unlikely friends find Hob and Bogie’s Curiosity Shoppe and agree to play a game of Champion’s Quest.

When the four kids walk out the front door of the Curiosity Shoppe, they immediately discover they’re no longer in West Virginia, but transported into the game and a wild fantasy world of dangerous goblins, brutish ogres, and a powerful witch.

They must work together as a team, overcome their real-world weaknesses, and believe in themselves and each other if they are to outwit, outplay, and survive their foes in this ultimate quest to defeat a treacherous monster.

My Book Review:

What a fun story! It has a hero like Shazam, a story similar to Adventurers Wanted, and the feel of Jumanji. You have your lives depending on the roll of the dice and the unskilled warriors at your sides. Teamwork is a must and complaining only makes matters worse. Not only do you need to trust your teammates, but you also need to trust yourself—and that may be the hardest part.

I liked this book. The characters are fun and relatable. Each character has his or her own personalities and unique characteristics. I liked learning the strengths and weaknesses of each character, and I especially enjoyed watching them grow and learn as the story progressed. I do think they could have been developed more. Lucas kind of flip-flops between being a good leader and a quitter.

The writing style is easy to read and understand, and the story flows well. If you like action you’ve come to the right place—it’s definitely not short on action! Monsters, witches, ogres, and other scary things come at our fearless warriors and sometimes they respond well…other times, not so much. All is not always what it seems on this quest. The side characters can be sneaky and deceptive so being watchful and careful is a necessity.

I have to admit that although I liked this book, it’s not my favorite Frank L. Cole book. It felt a lot like Adventurers Wanted by M.L. Forman, but not as well written. 

Having said that, Champion’s Quest: The Die of Destiny is still a fun addition to Frank L. Cole’s growing list of books! I liked it and I think all your adventure/fantasy loving readers will enjoy it!  


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Content Rating PG+Content Rating: PG+ (There isn’t any profanity or “intimacy” in this book. There is some minor violence and there are some scenes that may be too scary for younger readers.)

Recommendation: Middle-Graders (4th-6th grade)+

My Rating: 3.5/5

Disclosure: I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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