Cowardly Clyde

Cowardly Clyde by Bill Peet

I love this book! I love Bill Peet’s books, and this is one of my favorite. I love that I can relate to Clyde. He is a very nervous horse who is the trusty sidekick of a brave knight. He runs away from his fears at first, but ends up proving himself in the end. I really enjoy Mr. Peet’s illustrations. This book is a very fun read-aloud and it’s also fun to read all by yourself. My nine-year-old saw the book out on the table and started reading because he likes it so much. It’s fun for all ages. Mr. Peet is so clever and the stories just come to life on the page. I love that I can hope to overcome my fears as Clyde overcomes his. This is a great story to teach courage and determination.

Rating: G  (The picture of the ogre may scare some smaller children, but my kids aren’t phased by it.)

Recommendation: Great for all ages.

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