Dancing in the Storm

Dancing in the Storm by Shelly Maguire and Beth Huffman

(Summary taken from the back of the book) “What turns an angry adolescent and then a defiant teenager into an indomitable businesswoman who faced so many obstacles in life that she defied all odds for success? Told at the age of nine that she had a lethal disease that could take her life by the age of 18, for Shelly Maguire this was all she had to hear to push herself to the limits and stop at nothing to reach her goals.”

What an inspiration! I will never complain about a hangnail or a cold again. Shelly has gone through so much in her life and always comes through with a positive attitude. This book is full of hard work ethic, positive attitude, and determination. It is also filled with love of life and very little complaining. These are many of the qualities I’m constantly trying to teach my kids, and it’s tough. Shelly, however, has them down. She faces each challenge head-on and never gives up. She seems like a wonderful person and is a great example to all of us. I’m glad I had this opportunity to sneak a peek into such an inspirational life.

The format of this book was not my favorite because it seemed choppy. Once it got to where Shelly did most of the writing it flowed much better. I enjoyed this book a lot and recommend it, especially for someone who needs to stop feeling sorry for himself/herself.

Rating: PG+ (It is clean. There isn’t any language or violence. I don’t remember any “physical intimacy” scenes, but it does talk a lot about her relationships and a previously failed marriage.)

Recommendation: 16 years and up. I don’t think children younger than this would “get it” or enjoy it.


Disclosure: I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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