Deep Connections

Deep Connections by Rebecca Graf

(Summary taken from an email the author sent me) “It is the story of a woman who finds herself falling in love and being stalked
at the same time. She has no idea why the stalker is obsessed with her. The man
she is falling in love with risks his life to protect her. As the stalker
becomes more obsessed, more deaths occur. It is only when she discovers why she
is the target that she realizes that she has to make a decision that will impact
everyone around her. A sacrifice is demanded of her.”

This book is full of romance, action, suspense, sacrifice, and surprises. What could be better? Although the premise of the book is somewhat violent and a little graphic, I really enjoyed it. Ms. Graf’s character development is really good, and I felt like Brenna was my good friend. I also liked the whole Lightfoot family. The evil in the “bad guy” just oozes from him. I did not like that guy at all, in fact, I could say I hated him. He creeps me out just thinking about him. And his purpose in stalking Brenna is pure evil. I liked the chemistry between Brenna and Slaton, and felt bad for poor Eaton.

This is not a story to read by yourself at night, in a dark and quiet house. Believe me, I tried it, and I actually got a little nervous. It has a good amount of suspense and scariness, and I just couldn’t put it down. I had to know what happened.

There are a few typos and grammatical errors in this book, but I got an advanced copy, so they may have been fixed by now. They definitely didn’t stop me from reading it. There is language, violence,   death, and attempted rape. Some of the scenes are quite graphic. With all this, I still really liked it. There are enough happy and light-hearted parts that it make it enjoyable to read, and they make you really care about what happens to the characters.

Rating: R (This does not follow the movie ratings exactly, it’s just my way of saying it is not appropriate for younger readers.) There is language, violence, the deaths of a few characters, and a couple of attempted rape scenes. The choice she needs to make is also a very grown-up decision.

Recommendation: 18 and up. I recommend it to the correct age group. It is not appropriate for younger readers. As with anything, if a parent is worried, she should read it first to see if it is appropriate for her specific child.

Disclosure: I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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