Down By The Cool Of The Pool

Down By The Cool Of The Pool by Tony Mitton

(Summary taken from the back of the book) “Join sprightly Frog and his energetic farmyard friends as they frolic down by the cool of the pool. Where will the fun end?”

My daughter brought this book home from school today. I had never seen it before, and it is so much fun! I may need to get this one! Frog and all his friends: Duck, Pig, Sheep, Goat, Pony, Cow, Donkey, and probably more, dance by the pool. It’s fun because each animal does something different. It’s fun to act it out and almost sing along. They fall in the pool and do they stop dancing?? No, of course not! They keep dancing in the pool. So much fun!

Rating: G!!! (Good clean fun)

Recommendation: Newborn and up! It’s great for everyone. I think toddler to kindergarten will enjoy it the most, because they are still into dancing along, but I bet even my older boys would like it if I read it to them.

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