Escucha Means Listen

Escucha Means Listen by Talia Aikens-Nunez
(Summary taken from an email sent to me by the author) “This bilingual picture book journey through our world introduces children and toddlers to the sounds around them in English and Spanish. From the blaring sound of an ambulance to the buzzing of bees,Escucha Means Listen is written mostly in English but sprinkled with Spanish to introduce children to the language.”

This is a darling book! The pictures are bright and colorful, and the little girl is so cute! Not only is it a book children will love, it is also one they can learn from, which I love! The little girl tells you to listen (escucha), and then she takes you on this journey of sounds. From the ambulance (la ambulancia) to the squirrels (las ardillas), and everything in between, children will hear the sounds, learn the words, and love every minute of it. I love that the Spanish versions of some of the sounds are very different from the English sounds, but some of them are the same. This would be great for a beginning Spanish class. It is also great for people like me who speak some Spanish, but who don’t have a clue how to teach it to their kids. It’s just an all-around fun book. I really enjoyed it! I read it to my 5 year-old daughter and she said she liked it. I recommend this book for everyone!

Rating: G (Clean!)

Recommendation: Everyone!!!

Disclosure: I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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