From Out of Chaos (Dark Matter Heart Book #2)

From Out Of Chaos (Dark Matter Heart Book #2) by Nathan Wrann
(Summary taken from Cor Griffin Bloodsuckers’ story continues in the thrilling sequel to Dark Matter Heart. Cor, Taylor and Caitlyn have put an end to The Creeper’s reign of terror, but at what cost? The teens’ lives are thrust deeper into turmoil as Detectives Tolliver and Orlovsky keep Cor under surveillance; Caitlyn copes with her transformation, and Taylor sets off a cataclysmic chain of events that will tragically change their lives forever.”

If you remember my review of “Dark Matter Heart Book #1” , I did not like the ending, and I wasn’t sure if I would even read the next two. Well, it took me awhile (over a year), but I did read #2 and #3. I’ll review #3 later, but I am glad I read #2. I’m glad I waited to read it, because I had time to shake off the yuckiness of the first book’s ending. The book starts off right as the last one finishes, and goes from there. It continues with the same characters. I found the relationship between Cor and Caitlyn very interesting in how it changed and how each of them handled it. Some of the new abilities Cor has are crazy. They might be a little over-the-top and unlikely, but hey, that’s what fiction is for, right? I like how Mr. Wrann ties events and circumstances in his story to works of “fiction” like “Frankenstein” and “Dracula.” I obviously love to read, and have read “Frankenstein,” and think it’s funny how Taylor and Diana kept telling Cor to read them because they had answers to a lot of his questions. So it makes me wonder…….are they fiction??? I liked the introduction of Diana into the story and think she added a new perspective and dimension to the story. Taylor’s little experiment is… do I put it????……horrifying and unbelievable at the same time. One part of my brain kept saying, “Really? He could really do that as a teenager?No way.” The other part of my brain totally believed he could because he is intelligent and curious, and it creeped me out. I like Taylor’s character a lot, but some of his circumstances are a little sketchy. I don’t  know if he could really do what he did as an orphan to become who he is in the story. But, I guess that is the fun of fiction….anything can happen. I am still not sure about Caitlyn. Good? Bad? Her actions at the end of the book definitely made me not like her as much, and not trust her as much. 
Mr. Wrann’s writing style is easy to read and pulls you in. There is language in this book, but it is not as bad as the ending of the first book. There is also violence and gore, but it also isn’t as bad as the first book’s ending. There is some sexual tension between some of the characters, but no scenes or actual discussion about it. A few main characters die, and the descriptions of their deaths are quite gruesome. I’m glad I read this one. I enjoyed it, for the most part. If you liked the first book you will like this one as well.
Rating: PG 13+ (A little lower than the first book’s rating of R) Profanity, violence, gore, deaths. It may have an “f” word–it’s either in this one or the next one–I read them one after the other so I can’t remember.
Recommendation: College and up (That is what I rated the first one, and even though it’s not quite as bad, anyone who reads it will have read the first one, so they need to be the same.”
Disclosure: I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. 

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