Grandpa’s Teeth

Grandpa’s Teeth by Rod Clement

(Summary taken from the back book cover) ” ‘Help, I’ve been robbed! It’sth a disthasthter!’ Grandpa’s teeth, handmade by the finest Swiss craftsman, are gone–stolen from his bedside table! Grandpa suspects anyone who doesn’t smile widely enough to prove that their teeth are their own. Soon everyone in town is smiling–all the time–and their ghastly grins are frightening the tourists away. Can the culprit be caught before the whole town cracks up?”

This is a fun, great book! It is perfect for a read-aloud book. My kids love it, and my first graders loved it, because you have to read it as if you don’t have any teeth. It’s very funny. The kids laugh and laugh. The story is very cute and has a twist at the end. The illustrations are very well done and very creative. Some children don’t know what dentures are, and so you need to explain that, but once they get it, they love it. I chose this book as my first children’s book post because I think it is such a fun and creative book, and I think kids of all ages (and parents too) will enjoy this book. Happy reading!

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