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Book Review of Six Sisters' Stuff Healthy Eats Cookbook

Over the years I have reviewed several of the Six Sisters’ Stuff cookbooks. Consequently, I have tried many of their recipes. Some of those recipes are new family favorites—can you say lunch lady peanut butter bars? Yummm!  Now fast forward to this spring…and quarantine. What came with that? Oh, lots and lots of eating. Please tell me I wasn’t the only one! Now fast forward to today…what do I now need? Oh, yeah. Healthy things to eat. I need some good, new, healthy recipes so I stop eating cookies and brownies And, in steps the Six Sisters’ Stuff new cookbook: Healthy Eats. Six Sisters’ Stuff to the rescue!


When it comes to preparing meals, choosing between healthy and convenient can be a real struggle. Until now.


Popular bloggers and cookbook authors Six Sisters’ Stuff have gathered more than 100 of their top most-requested healthy recipes that combine their fast-and-easy cooking style with fresh ingredients for delicious and family-friendly meals. Whether you are serving a full three-course meal, grabbing a quick afternoon snack, or need to take a dish to a potluck, there is a recipe here that will fit your lifestyle and busy schedule as well as satisfy your taste buds.


With each recipe coming in at under 500 calories, this cookbook offers a great place to start for people who are looking to lose weight, who would like to prepare meals using more natural foods, or who are simply working to maintain a more balanced lifestyle.


With Healthy Eats with Six Sisters’ Stuff, it’s never been easier to provide healthy snacks and meals for on-the-go families.”

My Book Review:

With six people to feed, two being teenage boys, I need some good, easy, inexpensive, and healthy recipes. They need to be kid-friendly, too, because I have a VERY picky eater! We’ve tried a few recipes out of this cookbook, and so far so good!

We tried the Scrambled-Egg Breakfast Muffins, and they were delicious! Even my picky eater loved them…of course, she was the one that made them! I liked that I had all the ingredients for these as well. We took out the spinach and the mushrooms because my family doesn’t like them, but I like that they’re versatile enough to personalize them.

We also tried the No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies. They tasted like pretty much every other no-bake cookie I’ve had, but I did like the addition of peanut butter in them.

Another recipe we tried was the Easy Banana Cookies. Unfortunately, they were not our favorite. There isn’t any flour in them, and the texture suffered, which was why I didn’t like them. However, you may love them! The Dark-Chocolate Zucchini Cake felt the same way. It looks really good in the picture, but we didn’t love them either.

The Easy Marinated Pork Chops look delicious, as does the Lemon-Garlic Salmon. I can’t wait to try the Parmesan Crusted Asparagus and the Cheesy Zucchini Sticks.

I’m so glad to have more healthy options for my family, especially with all of the veggies I have from my garden. It’s going to be fun trying more of these recipes. If you’re looking for some healthier options for your family, check out the Healthy Eats  cookbook from Six Sisters’ Stuff.

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My Rating: 4/5

4 Star Review

Disclosure: I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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