Infected by Nicole Trump


“I try to steady my breathing as I hide from one of the Infected, the man with hatred in his eyes who is stalking me. He wants nothing less than my life. If I am caught, I will be taken mercilessly. Jo is special. She has been chosen to be one of a handful of people to be frozen in time, saved for a later time, when the Infected may have taken over, and humanity will have to be restored. But as Jo goes to her freezing chamber, she wonders if this is as much an honor as everyone seems to think. She’s right. Jo and her companions awaken to a world completely different from the one they left. Immediately attacked by Infected they used to call friends, Jo and her fellows, Todd and Finn, must fight for survival and run for their lives. Setting out across rough terrain in search of other uninfected humans, they learn what it means to be in constant danger. Will Jo, Todd, and Finn be able to find their fellow humans before the Infected overtake them? Will they even see the next day?”

My Review:

I’m not much of a zombie fan, so I was a little hesitant to read this book. However, in the end, I thought it was entertaining. The twist of Jo, Todd, and Finn being frozen was interesting, and it added some different plot twists along the way. I liked Jo, Todd, and Finn, and thought they were fairly well developed. Jo is usually a strong female character, but she does have her moments. I liked some of the people that helped them as well, and I thought they were good characters. The plot doesn’t go a long way; I felt that some of the time seemed like they were walking in circles, but it had some surprising turns to keep the reader interested. I liked reading about the relationship between Jo and Todd. It was kind of strange with how young they were, I felt as if I were reading about an older couple, but even that is explained.

There isn’t any profanity that I can remember in this book. There really isn’t any “intimacy,” although there is some kissing and cuddling. There is quite a bit of violence though. There are a bunch of Infected killed, and there is some graphic fighting. Overall, though, I was entertained.

Rating: PG+ (Little to no profanity, no “intimacy,” some minor kissing and cuddling, but a lot of violence, and some of it is graphic.)

Recommendation: 12 and up. This book is fine for older middle-graders (6th grade)

Disclosure: I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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