Janitors: Heroes of the Dustbin (Book #5)

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Book Review of Janitors: Heroes of the Dustbin (Book #5) by Tyler Whitesides

The last book! It’s bittersweet, right? You want to read it so bad, but then you know it’s the end and you’ll be sad. I guess then you just need to start over and read it again! My family has been waiting and waiting to read this book. Must.know.what.happens!! Do they save the world? Do the toxites take over the world? Find out in Janitors: Heroes of the Dustbin (Book #5) by Tyler Whitesides.


Although their enemies are powerful, their allies few, Spencer and his team of Rebels are not giving up! But what chance do a handful of kids and one rescued janitor have against the combined evil of the Founding Witches and the Sweepers? Can the Rebels close the source of all Glop and stop the Toxites once and for all–or is the world doomed to fall under the control of the sinister Bureau of Educational Maintenance? This explosive series finale is a gripping ride through conflicted loyalties and daring escapes, unexpected alliances and betrayals, and an ending you’ll never forget!

My Book Review:

Hahaha…..my boys have been waiting and waiting for this book to come out! From the second the ARC came in the mail they have been drooling over the amazing cover and begging me to finish so they can read it. Brandon Dorman has definitely outdone himself this time; the cover art is fantastic and does a great job of setting the stage for this finale! So does the book live up to all this hype? Yes! I loved it! It is nonstop action from the beginning to the end.
Many of our favorite characters are back for round five, and they may find a few new ones along the way. Of course Spencer, Daisy, and Dez return. I won’t spoil the fun about who else is there; let’s just say I love Mr. Whitesides’ character development. I love Spencer and Daisy in this book. They have come so far from the first book, and I have enjoyed watching them grow and progress through the books. They learn some hard lessons in this book, but the lessons of friendship, loyalty, bravery, dedication, hard work, determination, and trust are lessons that the characters and the readers will not forget.
It’s so good for these middle-graders to see these characters and to learn the lessons along with Spencer, Daisy, and Dez. Spencer and Daisy, especially, are very well done. They never waver.
I enjoy Mr. Whitesides’ writing style. It’s a fast, easy read, and is easy to understand. I just got sucked in and couldn’t put it down. The descriptions are so life-like and believable, and you feel like you are in that landfill or at Welcher Elementary School. There really is nonstop action in this book. One thing after another, after another. I hope all the characters went home and slept for a few days. I felt tired just reading about it. It’s exciting adventure too. There are witches, sweepers, pluggers, toxites, thingamajunks, lots of glop, monitors, rebels, and one General Clean. If you liked the first four books, you definitely need to read this one! You will not be disappointed!
This book does not have any profanity or “intimacy.” Violence, though, is rampant. At least one character dies and there is a lot of fighting. Some of the fighting is against people and some against monsters and other creatures, but it is violent. It is a war to save the world, you know, so it isn’t pretty in some parts. My only complaint (that is actually too strong of a word, but it’ll have to do…) would be that it did kind of get all wrapped up in a nice, pretty bow at the end. It is a middle-grader book, though, so I really wouldn’t expect anything other than that.

PG+ Rating

Content Rating: PG+

  • Profanity: None
  • Intimacy: None
  • Violence: Moderate
    • There is quite a lot of violence. They are fighting a war to save the children of the world. They fight people and monsters.

Age Recommendation: Middle-Graders (4th-6th grades) and up


My Rating: 4/5

4 Star Review


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