Just Let Go

I know, I know!!! I take a little break from blogging because I’ve been working full-time at my kids’ school (My daughter’s teacher had a baby, and she asked me if I would teach her class during her three month maternity leave.), and I review a movie! Well……it’s a good one, what can I say?? I still have two weeks left to teach full-time, and then hopefully things will get back to normal around here. I’m a woosy. I don’t know how moms work full-time permanently. It’s insane! Kudos to you all, I have a huge appreciation for all you do!
Just Let Go (Movie Review)
Have you heard this story? It’s an amazing story. Be prepared to cry. Seriously. I heard about this story long before the movie came out; I remember hearing about it in the news, and I couldn’t believe it. What Chris Williams went through is heartbreaking. And yet, he found the courage and inner-strength to forgive. It’s a very powerful message! Instead of writing a quick blurb for you, I’m posting the movie trailer and then another movie that briefly sums up the entire story. 
Here’s the movie trailer:
And here’s the other brief movie about this story:

The focus of this movie is learning to forgive. It shows us that even when life is hard, and things happen to us that are unfair and awful, forgiveness will give us peace and allow us to move on in our lives. Forgiving those who hurt us allows us to be free. This movie is so inspirational. Whether you are a Christian or not, this movie will touch and inspire you to be better. I actually saw this movie the night of the Fathom Event, and I was amazed at the ability Chris had to forgive. The bonus features include the discussions by Delilah from that night, and the forgiveness challenge by Desmond Tutu. 
This movie is rated PG-13 for accident images and thematic material. I took my 14 year-old son with me when I saw it at the theater, and there were some parts that I thought were a little much for him. I was a little uncomfortable with him there, but at the same time, it’s such a good message, and I was glad that he was able to see that. I hope he can learn the lesson of forgiveness now. He was emotional as we left the theater, and I think even though some parts were difficult to watch, the benefit of the lesson outweighed that. The movie is 106 minutes long. I highly recommend this movie!

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