Miracle Creek Christmas by Krista Jensen

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Book Review of Miracle Creek Christmas by Krista Jensen

My kids know that I am strictly a “No Christmas before Thanksgiving” type of mom. Yep, that’s me. We put up the tree and all the decorations the day after Thanksgiving. Oh, and no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving either! So when I received Miracle Creek Christmas by Krista Jensen in September, I wasn’t so sure I could read it before December. Well, in this instance the COVID-19 pandemic might have helped me out. This year I’m in need of more joy, more light, and more focus on my Savior. I’m putting up my decorations and starting the Christmas season a bit early this year! Since I was starting early, I figured that I may as well kick it all off with a Christmas book. You should all be so proud (my kids were)—I read a Christmas book in October, and I did not regret it! Miracle Creek Christmas by Krista Jensen is such a cute book. It was the perfect start to my early Christmas celebration!


“When Riley Madigan moves to the sleepy mountain town of Miracle Creek, she hopes her new job as a high school art teacher will help her mend her recently broken heart. A little peace and quiet would be a gift this Christmas season. The last thing on her mind is love.

Former firefighter Mark Rivers has spent the last year recovering from burns sustained during a rescue operation. He’s been trying to piece his life back together but still struggles both emotionally and psychologically. When he meets Riley, he finally sees something that might bring some light back into his life.

When Mark asks Riley to work on a special nativity project, he finds himself falling for her quirky, unaffected ways. Riley doesn’t seem bothered by his scars, but is her affection for him real, or is this just another act of charity?  One thing’s for certain, in a small town that views Mark as a fragile hero, it’s hard to pursue a relationship without everyone in his business. And although Riley has sincere feelings for Mark, is she ready to risk her heart?

Broken hearts and lives are mended as the town of Miracle Creek comes together to celebrate a Christmas to remember.”

My Book Review:

One of my favorite parts about this book is the characters. Krista Jensen did an excellent job of writing and developing the characters in the book. Riley and Mark are especially well-written. As a reader, you can feel their emotions, and you become a part of their story. I loved each of their personalities, including their quirks, shortcomings, strengths, and flaws. When Mark stalks Riley at the beginning of the book, you can seriously feel his frustration and her anger and fear at the situation. Don’t worry—that little situation figures itself out. Well, maybe the police officer helps it out a little bit.

Mark’s dad, Mr. Dolan, is another one of my favorite characters. I love his tidbits of wisdom! He has a knack for knowing the correct thing to say at just the right moment. His patience with Mark might make all the other parents reading the story feel a little jealous—how does he do it without sometimes losing his patience? On the other hand, Dalton is a character you love to hate. He’s such a jerk. At least he is a well-written and well-developed jerk—jerky through and through.

I love the premise of the book, too. It’s such a cute story! Riley and Mark’s relationship may start out a little rocky, to say the least (see stalking comment above…). However, as time goes on and they learn more about each other, their relationship becomes so sweet. Yeah, it’s not perfect. They both have flaws and shortcomings, but I love the messages of hope and trust and forgiveness. I love the messages of being vulnerable and putting yourself out there. It’s hard! Yes, it may leave you bruised or battered, but it could also lead you to happiness and joy. The thing is, you don’t know which one it will be until you try.

For this Christmas season, especially, I think this book is the perfect way to start your celebration. It’s messages of hope, love, and healing are exactly what our world needs right now. I am so glad I decided to break tradition and read a Christmas book in October! It was exactly what I needed.

Content Rating PG+Content Rating: PG+ There isn’t any profanity or violence in this book. There isn’t any “intimacy” except some kissing. There are some hard topics discussed like the death of loved ones, a bad injury during a fire rescue, and a guy with not-great intentions.)

Recommendation: YA + (12 and up)

My Rating: 4/5

4 Star Review

Disclosure: I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


If you’d like to purchase this book, click here: https://amzn.to/32JkZOE


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