Make a Teacher Happy: Prevent Summer Brain With Summer Fit Workbooks!

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Prevent Summer Brain with Summer Fit Workbooks!

Remember last fall when the kids went back to school and had forgotten most of what they’d learned the previous year (and the teachers cried)? It’s called…Summer Brain. Ouch! All of that work–gone. It’s so sad! As teachers we spend weeks reviewing the previous year’s material before we can start on the current year’s curriculum. How do you prevent Summer Brain? You have to be a mean mom and make the kids use their brains this summer. I know, it’s hard. I’ve grown callous to the mean summer mom eye rolls because I’ve been doing it for so long.  It’s a good thing, I promise! Over the years I’ve tried a few different things like printing off my own packets, workbooks, and online programs. I finally settled on the Summer Fit Workbooks. It’s so easy and mom friendly!

Why Use Summer Fit Workbooks to Prevent Summer Brain?

I have used the Summer Fit workbooks for a few years now, and I LOVE them!!! They have a level for each grade in elementary school (they start with pre-K and go to 8th grade), which is great. The workload is perfect for summer days. Each day there is a page of reading and a page of math. They’ve even thrown in some science and geography. It isn’t super hard, but it is hard enough to keep the kids from forgetting everything over the summer.
I love the Friday material. Every Friday they highlight a value (compassion, honesty, determination…..that kind of thing), and they highlight a person who exemplifies that value. The kids do activities surrounding that value and person. Also, each day has an exercise for the kids to do. It’s not hard, but it gets them up and moving. And the great thing about these books is that they eliminate all the mom-work. There’s no searching the internet or printing off individual worksheets; it’s all right there in the book. It makes mom’s job so much easier!!! They even have a book for 7th and 8th graders, which is great because it’s harder to know what the older kids need. You can check out their website for more info and activities. I highly recommend the Summer Fit workbooks!

Content Rating G

Content Rating: G (clean!!!)

Age Recommendation: Pre-K to 8th grade


Which One Is Right For You?

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  1. This sounds great, Monica. I've used the Star Wars math series for my second grader during the past few summers. I love that everything is one place here, though. I will definitely look into this!

  2. Love your blog. Author and Actress Julianne Moore just Retweeted about a book my kids love. Have you read "Cooking With Mr. C." by John Contratti? A beautiful story with a wonderful message for kids. I highly recommend it.

  3. Lindsey, I think you'll like them. I like that there's a little bit of everything and it saves me from finding it all myself! I haven't read "Cooking With Mr. C," I'll need to check it out! Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂


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