Raising a Reader

Raising a Reader

Today’s tip for raising a reader is a great one! It’s something I have always done, and it’s easy! It can be a little tricky to keep track of sometimes, but it’s worth it! In my house it is absolutely necessary because my boys read so much that I could not afford to continue buying them books! 
Today’s tip is:

Get your kids their own library cards and use them regularly! Go to the library!

The kids love having their own card because they feel so grown-up, and it’s a great 
motivation to read! 
They take better care of the books because they know it is in their name!
And the best thing is that there are endless amounts of books! There are so many different subjects and authors, and it’s great to help find topics that the kids are actually interested in and will read! (And it’s free!!! Seriously, I’d be spending hundreds of dollars a month in books….no way!)
I’m with Arthur on this one:
Ready, set……GO to the library!

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