Simplify Supper

Simplify Supper
Krista Numbers

“From her grandfather Salvatore Granato’s roots in Southern Italy to the legacy of her family’s beloved Italian deli in the heart of Salt Lake City, Krista Numbers has a deep-seated love for good food. In Simplify Supper, this busy wife and mother proves that simple can be satisfying as she dishes up dozens of delectable dinners. According to Krista, “Some of the best recipes are a simple combination of fresh and flavorful ingredients made with care and served with love.” From a few of her family’s best-loved Italian meals to fast feasts with an international flair, discover quick comfort foods you’ll want at the heart of your dinner table, such as
-Angel Hair Pasta with Basil Cream Sauce
-Smoked Turkey Panini with Pears and Blue Cheese
-Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas
-Teriyaki Chicken with Ginger Rice
In addition to her collection of simple and satisfying meals, Krista shares personal anecdotes, sanity-saving kitchen tips, and suggestions for making family dinner a time for good food and good conversation. No matter the occasion, there is a recipe here to help you get a delicious supper on the table, pronto.”
My Review:
You have to know that I’m an ok cook. If I have a good recipe I may be able to make a decent meal. I like fast and easy (think grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup), and there can’t be any crazy ingredients. I know I won’t go out of my way to find one strange ingredient. I’ll either not put that ingredient in, or I’ll make something different. So I’m definitely in need of simple recipes. These recipes all look delicious. Some of them look simple; some of them don’t. Last night for dinner I made the “Easy Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches.” They were actually really good! The recipe wasn’t difficult. It was definitely the first time I’ve gone to the deli counter to ask for sliced roast beef, but it won’t be the last! The meat was easy to prepare, and the cream cheese was the perfect touch. It added a lot of creaminess. I will for sure be making them again-even the kiddos liked them! My 13 year-old doesn’t like green peppers, but he admitted that “in this particular instance” the green peppers tasted good. Yay! There were lots of dishes that I wanted to try. The sloppy joes looked really good, as did the enchiladas and the different pastas. There are even some delectable desserts. I was a little disappointed that there were a couple of things that if I did them it would definitely make my life less simplified. For example, buying dried pasta in a bag is very simple. Making my own pasta = not simple. Eating my sister-in-law’s homemade tamales = simple. Making my own tamales = not simple. I guess it would simplify the ingredients, and for someone who has time and enjoys doing it, go for it! (And then call me-I’ll be right over!)  I, however, will not be trying those recipes. Now, the Italian Sodas or the Sopaipillas, yes, I will for sure be trying those! I also enjoyed her little snippets of info. throughout the book. She has advice on hosting, things you need to have in your kitchen, how to plate your dishes, and even a bit of info. on salt. Yep, who knew salt could be interesting? I’m excited to try more of these recipes!
Rating: Clean!
Recommendation: Everyone

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