Smarter Than a Monster by Brandon Mull

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Book Review of Smarter Than a Monster: A Survival Guide by Brandon Mull

Wow! Brandon Mull is on a roll! I just read and reviewed the third Dragonwatch book, and now he has a new children’s book out! Does he ever sleep? A children’s picture book is a new chapter (pun totally intended…haha!) for Brandon Mull, and I am excited to be a part of the blog tour for it. My kids and I have been reading and loving his books for many years, and it’s fun to see him grow as an author. I was surprised that Brandon Dorman didn’t illustrate this book, but Mike Walton did a great job. Don’t let those monsters outsmart you—read Smarter Than a Monster: A Survival Guide by Brandon Mull.


“No monster wants you to read this book. The more you know about monsters, the more you will know how to defeat them.

Little kids have big fears, which they often imagine to be scary creatures, like monsters. But this book helps explain how knowing “Monster Facts” can help kids outwit them.

Want to avoid monsters? Fact: Monsters love dirt and grime, so when faced with two kids, the monster will choose the dirty one every time.

And if toys and clothes are all over the floor, you may get ambushed by a mess-loving monster.

Survival Tip: Take baths and keep your room clean. Smarter Than a Monster will arm young readers with practical advice in this innovative and imaginative parenting tool that teaches common sense and positive and healthy habits.”


My Book Review:

Have I ever told you how much I love children’s books? Probably. I say it all the time. I.Love.Children’s.Books.So.Much! Picture books bring out the reader’s imagination and creativity like nothing else does! They’re magical. Seriously. Children’s books can strengthen connections between parents and children, teachers and students, and anyone else who reads them. They bring our imaginations to life. One of my favorite parts of children’s books is the lessons learned and the morals taught.

This book doesn’t disappoint in that area! It’s full of tasty lesson tidbits and learning. The good part is that the story is so fun that the kids don’t even realize they’re learning lessons! They’ll do it all just to outsmart and avoid those pesky monsters. Yep! This book is all about how to avoid meeting any creepy creature. For example, hiding in kids’ bedrooms would be much too obvious. Monsters don’t want to be found, so they hide under the parents’ bed. Smart, right? So staying in your own bed is much, much safer.

Monsters like dirt, so if you take a bath the monsters will leave you alone. Who knew? Having lived in Fablehaven’s creature sanctuaries for so long, Brandon Mull must know a lot about these creatures. This book is full of smart tips to avoid meeting them, and I think the kids will love it! Parents too! Brushed teeth, clean rooms, and clean children are a few byproducts of this book, so parents will for sure want to spread this important information as far as possible!

As I stated previously, I kind of thought Brandon Dorman would illustrate this book, but an illustrator named Mike Walton did it, and he did a great job. The illustrations are bright, colorful, and very well done. The monsters are not too scary but not too cute, and are unique and creative. The combination of fun story and great pictures will make this book a cherished one in any classroom or home. I’m so glad Brandon Mull gets to bring another fun story to life, and in the process teach kids how to be Smarter Than a Monster! I think the parents will learn a few things as well, so this is a win-win for everyone! This is such a fun book, and I highly recommend it!

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Content Rating GContent Rating: G (Clean!)

Age Recommendation: Everyone

My Rating: 4.5/5

4.5 Star Rating

Disclosure: I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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