The End of Mor

The End of Mor by Mathew Bridle

(Summary taken from the back book cover) “As the youngest mage ever to pass through the University of Elements, Dekor never expected to be hunted by them. He was warned about the lust of the flame, he believed that he would not succumb, he was wrong. Running for his life, he finds help in unexpected places as he follows the voice of The One. Torn between two masters, he struggles with his inner demons while avoiding the hunters that draw ever closer in a land on the brink of war. The horde in Gnell is growing impatient, seeking to conquer the lands of men. Driven by their new King, the warlock Vargor, the goblins begin to test the mettle of men. Will anyone come to the aid of Mages or will the horde prevail?”

This is a difficult review to write. I’ll start with the good. In the end, the overall story is ok, and I did find myself somewhat interested. I liked some of the characters. Mr. Bridle definitely has a good imagination. However, finding the storyline is difficult because of all the grammatical errors. There is one error in particular that occurred a lot, and it drove me crazy. I’m sure my grammar is not perfect all of the time, but this was so frustrating. There were also spelling mistakes. Also, there were a lot of characters and I never figured them all out. There are a lot of made up words and I didn’t find explanations for what they were. The reader is left to guess (for example, mana, I’m guessing, is magic), and sometimes that is ok, but there were enough that sometimes I felt like I was reading a different language. There is a glossary at the end, but it didn’t contain all the words I questioned. Also, I wasn’t sure who to cheer for. Were the mages the good guys or were the attackers the good guys? Why would I want to cheer for Dekor when he turned evil and raped a young girl? And why would I want to cheer for the mages when they worship the Divines, who are false gods?

In the end, I was very disappointed. There was language, a rape of a young girl, war violence, and many deaths, some gruesome. I would not recommend this book, unfortunately.

Rating: R (This rating does not follow the movie ratings, it is my way of saying it is not appropriate for younger readers.) Language, the rape of a young girl, war violence, and deaths.

Recommendation: I don’t recommend it, but I would say 17 or 18 and up.

Disclosure: I did receive a free book in exchange for my review. However, this does not change my opinion of this book, all my reviews are honest.