The Best Worst Thing

The Best Worst Thing by Kristen K. Brown

(Summary taken from the back book cover) “One day, that’s all it takes to change a life…As a wife, new mother, and successful career woman, Kristen Brown thinks her life is set. Until one morning, her husband doesn’t wake up. This bittersweet memoir shares the experience of Brown’s new life as a young widowed mother grappling with the shock, pain, and regret following her husband’s unexpected death while managing a stressful work situation amid the downfall of the economy. Not wanting to be a “sad mom,” she instead harnesses her emotions into a positive force in her life. Through a process of life-changing experiences like surfing, getting “inked,” and starting her own company that takes her to Hollywood, she discovers her life’s purpose to be the role model for her daughter she longs to be–and becomes a role model for others in the process.”

This book takes you on an emotional roller-coaster ride. You learn of how Ms. Brown met her husband, how they dated and you read about their wedding day. You learn of how they have their daughter and how they are a real couple with good days in their marriage and some not-so-good days. You see how they may not be treating each other as they should. And then you read the part in the story where her husband dies, and it is so sad. I cried. I can’t imagine losing my husband. I felt so bad for her as she described what happened and how she felt in the months after he died. I cheered her on when she began to heal and find herself in her new normal. Sometimes challenges bring out the best in us, after we crawl out of our holes.

This book is well written. I like Ms. Brown’s style of writing. It is easy to read and packed full of emotion. I felt like I was with her through all of it. Most of it is clean: however, she does use the “f” word 3 times on page 75, and then again on page 203. I don’t usually put page numbers for profanity, but this way you can just skip it and read the rest of the book. There are occasional swear words throughout the rest of the book, but not too many. The lesson learned are worth skipping a few pages. I have always tried not to take my husband for granted, but after reading this book I hug him longer and harder. I have told him more often how much I love and appreciate him. My kids too. Life is so short, and you never know what is going to happen, so take the time each day, and many times a day, to show love to those around you. Ms. Brown is a good example of picking yourself up and moving on. She’s a good example of why we women need a good education and why we need to take care of ourselves.

Rating: R  (Have to go with this because of the language. Sorry.)

Recommendation: 18 years and up.

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