The Last Descent (Movie)

The Last Descent
“When John Edward Jones climbed down into Nutty Putty Cave in November of 2009 he wasn’t prepared for the adventure ahead of him. As he explored a lesser-known area of the cave, he slid down into a narrow impasse 10 inches high and 18 inches wide. Stuck upside down for over 28 hours, John was left with few options but to call for help. The unique topography and geological makeup of Nutty Putty cave created intense difficulties for the rescue team that risked everything to save John’s life. Over 150 feet below the surface and the end of over a thousand feet of tunnels, a unique friendship is formed as John and his rescuers share their lives, loves, losses and dreams. As the rescue attempt proceeds John unfolds the turns in his life that show what is most important, and he tells the story of a love worth risking everything for.” 

My Review:

I remember hearing about this story several years ago in the news. I cannot imagine being trapped underground in a cave, upside down and unable to move. That would be awful! Consequently, some of this movie is difficult to watch. You know what is going to happen and so you find yourself yelling at the tv (I watched it on DVD), telling him to stop. It doesn’t work, unfortunately, he gets trapped. The story of John and his wife is so sweet and touching. It’s a little cheesy in parts, but it’s a good love story, what do you expect? And then comes the part about the rescuers and their attempts to help John. There’s no cheese there, only hard work and dedication. I’ve been in a couple of caves in my life, but they’re just the big ones with stalagmites and stalagtites, and they have tour guides that walk you through. I’m definitely not adventurous enough to go into the really crazy caves! And this movie definitely doesn’t change my mind! The acting is well done, I thought. John’s character did a really good job. Like I said, there may be a few cheesy parts here and there, but overall it is well done. The story flows well and just pulls you in. There are some really good morals and lessons in this story. I love how John expresses the importance of family and faith. Definitely take your kleenexes! I’d say 3.5/5 stars.

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Rating: PG (There’s no profanity or “intimacy,” except for some brief kissing. There isn’t any violence either, but the man is stuck upside down in a cave for over 24 hours, and it’s difficult to watch him suffer.)

Recommendation: 13 years-old and up. I know my 11 year-old daughter would not want to watch this movie, and I wouldn’t want her to. I’d be fine with my 13 and 15 year-old sons watching it. I know it says it’s PG, not PG-13, but it’s quite deep and a little too much for those younger kids.

Disclosure: I did receive a free copy of this DVD in exchange for my honest review.

(P.S. It’s not too late to order this for Christmas!!)

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