The Official Fablehaven Cookbook by Brandon Mull & Cherie Mull

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Book Review of The Official Fablehaven Cookbook by Brandon Mull and Cherie Mull

Do you remember the infamous brownies from Fablehaven? You never know what they’re going to cook up! They’re baaaack!! They get their own fun short story and become the stars of The Official Fablehaven Cookbook by Brandon Mull and Cherie Mull. No, Brandon and Cherie are not married. Cherie is Brandon’s sister-in-law. Cherie owns a baking business, and together they worked with the brownies to bring us some super fun recipes—right out of Fablehaven!!


Includes an original, never-before-published story about the Fablehaven woodland brownies by #1 New York Times best-selling author Brandon Mull

The Fablehaven house brownies are known for coming into the kitchen at night and baking delightful treats as a surprise for caretakers and their guests. Now, Fablehaven fans can enjoy nearly fifty wondrous recipes inspired by the world of Fablehaven. Each recipe includes a Fablehaven origin story and full-color food photography. Enjoy a selection of magical crafts like Wizard Slime and Vanessa’s Invisible Ink. Bonus: also includes a few of Brandon Mull’s favorite desserts.

My Book Review:

The Official Fablehaven Cookbook is a fun addition to the Fablehaven family! I love the short story at the beginning of the book. It’s super cute and I love how it brings in the brownies from the stories.

There are some fun recipes in this cookbook! I know the kids will love most of them! (Not sure the kids will like the hummus, but I know they’ll love the Mummy Dogs!) Many of the recipes are simple enough for the kids to help, which is great!

As I said before, the Mummy Dogs look fun and easy! Zombie Cake Eyeballs are always a fan favorite, and Bracken’s Unicorn Shakes look magical! It would definitely take some brownie magic for my apple pie to look as perfect as Grandma Sorenson’s—do you think they’d come to my house?? Hugo’s Mudslide Ice Cream Cake sounds delicious, and Grandma Larsen’s Sugar Cookies are super cute (Mine would NEVER look as cute as hers, but there’s always hope for a little brownie help)!

Most of the recipe names come from the Fablehaven world, which makes them fun, especially for the kids. There are recipes for breakfast, lunch and snacks, Midsummer’s Eve, treats, drinks, Brandon’s Favorites, and a few crafts.

If you’re a Fablehaven family and have all the other books, The Official Fablehaven Cookbook will be a fun addition to your set and your kitchen! It’s a fun way to incorporate reading into the day and the daily chores! You’ll have lots of helpers to make a potion of Tanu’s Bottled-Up Emotions or Singing Sisters Bubbling Brew, that’s for sure!


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Content Rating G

Content Rating: G

  • Profanity: None
  • Intimacy: None
  • Violence: None

Age Recommendation: Everyone


My Rating: 3.5/5

3.5 Star Rating




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