The Queen and the Knave (Book #5) by Sarah M. Eden

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Book Review of The Queen and the Knave (Book #5) by Sarah M. Eden

Was it worth staying up until 1:30 this morning to finish The Queen and the Knave (Book #5) by Sarah M. Eden?? Why yes, yes it was!! I may be tired today, but I don’t care. Last night before I went to bed, I was over half-way finished and the book was staring at me from my bedside table. I couldn’t help myself! Of course, I got up and finished it! Oh my gosh! I have been waiting and waiting for this book. It was worth every second of waiting. I’m so sad The Dread Penny Society series is over because it’s one of my favorites, but it’s so good! I loved it so much!


Romance and mystery come full circle in the fifth and final book of Sarah M. Eden’s best-selling Victorian Proper Romance series.

London, 1866

Móirín Donnelly has spent the last five years working in the shadows for the Dread Penny Society, but spending so much of her life in secret is taking a toll on her soul—and her heart.

When members of the Dread Penny Society begin disappearing, Móirín turns to Detective Constable Fitzgerald Parkington for help. The two have developed a friendly rapport, and Móirín feels like she can trust him, though perhaps not with all of her secrets.

Fitzgerald Parkington has a sixth sense when it comes to hunting down criminals, which is why he’s recently been transferred to the Detective Department at Scotland Yard. But when red tape keeps him from tracking down the criminal mastermind known as “The Tempest,” he must rely on the one woman who has unexpectedly captured his heart—the bold and fiery Irish lass, Móirín Donnelly.

As the Tempest’s deadly reach threatens to overwhelm all of London, Móirín and Fitz are caught in an elaborate game of cat and mouse that leads down back alleys, through dark London buildings, and right to the gates of Kensington Palace. Móirín has one chance to save Fitz and the Dread Penny Society from the Tempest, and she might have to sacrifice her one chance at love to do so.

My Book Review:

Where to even start? I don’t want to give anything away! First, I love the cover art on this book, and think it fits perfectly with the rest of the set. I love how they’re all different, but similar enough that you know they go together. Second, I love the title! They’re all so clever, but I especially love how The Queen and the Knave fits into the story. What is a knave, you may ask? According to, a knave is “a tricky deceitful fellow” and “a playing card carrying the figure of a soldier or servant and ranking usually below the queen.” I’ll let you decide which definition fits best.

Once again, Sarah M. Eden’s writing style sucked me in and wouldn’t let me out! I finished this book in two days because I could NOT put it down. If I did manage to put it down so I could drive or shower or sleep, it stared me down until I could pick it up again. The romance, the action, the traitors, the riddles, the cleverness, the tension, the Penny Dreadfuls, the loyalty, the deceit, the friendships, the history—all of it came together in a tempest of words and emotions.

You know me, I love the craft of writing. I love the descriptions, the hidden meanings, and the eloquence of the words. I’m one who wishes modern-day authors would use the language of the classics. I love the writing in The Queen and the Knave. Sarah M. Eden does a great job of putting you there, on the streets of London in the nineteenth century. You feel like a part of the story, like an esteemed member of the Dread Penny Society fighting for your life.

I have loved the characters in the Dread Penny Society books, and yes, they’re all in this last, final book. All my favorite Dreadfuls made an appearance in The Queen and the Knave, which made me super happy. Also, a lesser-known character from the previous books becomes much more important in this book, and I wasn’t at all disappointed. I loved getting to know this character more! Eden does an amazing job of crafting her characters and making me feel totally invested in them.

You thought there was action in the previous books, and there has been, but this one definitely takes it up a notch! Do I classify it as a proper romance or as action/adventure? How about both? Yes, please! You’ve got kidnappings, fighting in the street, assassination attempts, all-out brawls, prison escapes, and a smallish war. It’s so exciting and crazy! You’re left feeling like a tempest has just blown through!

The Queen and the Knave is everything I hoped it would be! Loved the series and loved this book! It brought everything together perfectly, and I loved the ending. It was the perfect ending to an amazing series.

The Dread Penny Society Series by Sarah M. Eden

PG-13 Rating

Content Rating: PG-13

  • Profanity: None (There are a few times where it says things like “…tossed a particularly vile curse at…”
  • Intimacy: None (Brief kissing)
  • Violence: Moderate (Fighting, kidnapping, brawling, gunshot and stabbing wounds)

Age Recommendation: YA+

My Rating: 4/5

4 Star Review

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Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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