The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
This book is about three children who find friendship, life, and healing in a secret garden. Mary was orphaned in India and sent to Yorkshire to live with her uncle. Colin lost his mother shortly after he was born and has been sickly and afraid most of his life. His father rarely sees him. Dicken is the brother of one of the caretakers and he is a source of strength and inspiration to the other two. Both Mary and Colin are spoiled and ill-tempered. Neither cares for anyone. Until they find each other and Dicken and bring to life the secret garden.
I LOVED this book as a child, and I needed something happy to read after reading The Mockingjay. I hoped that I wouldn’t be disappointed because sometimes things aren’t quite so wonderful when you are older, but this book did not disappoint. It was just as magical as I remembered it. I loved it again! And it was amazing how much I remembered. I love the character development in this book, I adore Dicken and Martha, and I love the story. It is an easy read, but so good. It teaches the importance of friendship, positive attitude, and humility. It also teaches the importance of finding yourself in nature and how taking care of something other than yourself can help you find yourself. It teaches about never giving up and finding courage and confidence in yourself. I love this book!
Rating: G This book is great for all ages! There is nothing inappropriate in this book.
Recommendation: As far as independent reading, I think it’s about a third grade level. It does help to know a little about the moors and Yorkshire language, a younger child might be confused by that. I recommend it for all ages!

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  1. I read this to Riley about 2 years ago…he was still in preschool so maybe more like 3 years ago. He had a really tough time with the Yorkshire…goodness, I had a tough time with the yorkshire! In fact I just finished reading Wuthering Heights and I had to skip over every Yorkshire bit in there.

    Other than that, Riley loved the story. It couldn't hold Cami's attention but 2 years later, Frances Hodgson Burnett's "The Little Princess" did what the Secret Garden could not.


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