Potion Masters: The Seeking Serum by Frank L. Cole

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Book Review of Potion Masters: The Seeking Serum (Book #3) by Frank L. Cole

Hi Everyone! It feels good to be back! You may or may not have noticed, but I took a nice, long blogging/reviewing break over the holidays and new year. I have a lot going on with school (I’m still teaching sixth grade and it still likes to take up all my spare time) and my family. However, I have still been reading! I’m super excited for this new year because I have a whole bunch of books in my TBR pile; they’re all ready to be read and reviewed in the next few months. To kick off 2020, I have a fun read for you today! This is the third book in a very fun series, and sadly, it’s the finale. Potion Masters: The Seeking Serum (Book #3) by Frank L. Cole is the perfect ending to the series, and I can’t wait for you all to read it!


“The final adventure in the thrilling Potion Masters trilogy!

Mezzarix has stolen the Vessel—the source of power for all potion masters. He plans to corrupt the Vessel and plunge the world back into a new Dark Age. Gordy and his friends must find Mazzarix, unite the potion-making community, and save the world, before it’s too late.”

My Book Review:

What a fun book (and series) this is! I seriously love how creative and unique it is! The different potions that Gordy comes up with make me wish I could brew potions. Seriously. Turning people into trees, encapsulating people—hopefully enemies—in glass jars, and having it all right there on your wrist! As Ron Weasly would say, “It’s brilliant!” Frank L. Cole has quite the imagination! I love the idea of the Seeking Serum to find the evil Mezzarix. Sasha sometimes gets on my nerves, but this time she had a great idea. Does it work? Haha! You know what I’m going to say…read the book and find out!

Does the seeking serum work to find Mezzarix? Do they save the world? It’s a tall task for a bunch of kids, but when you have the genius Gordy Stitser on your side you know you at least have a chance. I think this book is the perfect ending to a super fun series. It’s well written, engaging, and definitely keeps you turning pages. I couldn’t put it down! The characters come to life on the page. They’re realistic, make mistakes, and do some pretty cool things. The evil Mezzarix may have finally found his match—in his own grandson. Is it like grandfather like grandson, or can Gordy save his family and friends from his grandfather’s wicked plan?

If you haven’t started…start this series now. If you have, read this book! It’s so good!

Content Rating PG+

Content Rating: PG+ (There is no profanity or “intimacy” in this book, but there is some violence. Good vs. evil battle it out, and although it’s not too graphic, it might be a bit scary for younger readers.)

Age Recommendation: Middle-Graders (4th-6th) and up

My Rating: 4/5

4 Star Review

Disclosure: I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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